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engraved on my palms lyrics – demise of eros


pride and l-st consume this broken bitter soul.
and yet through it all you hold me fast while.
i pierce you with more than my eyes.
you promised no one could remove my heart.
from your grasp.
even me.
take what’s yours my life is not safe in my own hands.
the hands have shed blood and done violence.
they are executers of what is in my heart.
do not let my hands attempt to steal what you own.
it is no longer mine mine i have given it up.
it is now yours to keep it in your hands.
see i have your name engraved on my palms.
take what’s yours.
all the love and hate.
all the joy and pain.
anything that can be found in my heart.
what i try to hide.
like these sins inside.
anything that can be found i give to you.
never let it go.

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