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eve of eclipse lyrics – afterlife


captured by the unholy divine
branding her breast with sign
intensely torturing her body
in carnal l-st, raping sodomy

unto you a wh-r- appease
to procreate the demon seed
demented minds beyond sick
sp-wning evil, wreakers of havoc

sick demonic priests
breed the unholy beasts
the birthing of new evils
turns the world nocturnal

conjured through the invocation
this savior shall bring our d-mnation
evil spells are wove in hate
as the undead dance on parade

creating maelstroms of fear
the dawn of the new lord is here
summoned forth by the bishops
during the eve of eclipse

the murky changeling
starts to augmentate
within the womb
it effervesces and mutates

chants all complete
noxious winds sweep
expelled from her chest
to seal man’s fate

the veil of death begins to fall
descending shroud consumes earth whole
spilling like rain down from above
in divine lifeforce creation drowns

cracking skin begins to peel
rotting sh-ll now reveals
crusted blood dried to the slain
maggots infest grotesque remains

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