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fucked up cruise lyrics – crudbump


that’s right we’re on a f-cked up cruise
god is dead but at least we have booze
bad things happen, no one knows why
the sun burns out and everyone dies
all aboard

life’s a game that you’re bound to lose
like using a hammer to pound in screws
f-ck up once and you break your thumb
if you’re happy at all then you’re godd-mn dumb

dead people on every street
beneath the ground, beneath your feet
soon enough, we’re down there with ’em
in a thousand years, we never existed

reincarnation’s just a dream
church and school are financial schemes
and a million people won’t eat cheese
“gross, that’s made from animals”

thanks for voting, our side wins!
the other side is the same, my friends
society’s just another word for
“let’s all pretend we’re not skeletons”

that’s right we’re on a f-cked up cruise ship
all aboard the s s meaningless
all of existence is just a lie
we fight with each other while we wait to die

all aboard

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