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#geekcypher lyrics – melly mel tha kidd


one day i’m going be so big that i look like oars
ima optimistic that prime will make my life transform
im dishonored too if you think my timing has fled
running this while i leave you walkers all left for dead
i don’t need sharingan to see what moves you do
lying n-gg-s so fairytale and i ain’t talking natsu
speaking of i’m feeling like i got a fire in my belly
like the galaxy note 7 i’m exploding yall not ready
im the star of any war so let this force unleash
-ss-ssinate all beliefs i’m ezio on beat
yelling bankai call me yamamoto on bleach
and i ain’t f-ckin with these hoes they smash bros like wii
trying to link up wit a zelda got me on the move
“i see that booty poking ma” girl i choose you
you the kingdom of my heart so come and be my boo
like kratos and the women you know what to do
so i bedrock her like bam bam
bastista bomb her on the bed then
i undertake her like her man can’t
and she dream about me im the sandman
cannon bars i’m samus fused megaman shooting
so that tech end you at call of duty
you don’t really want war like a pacifist
melly mel tha real and i’m the last of us

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