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get your ass out of my house lyrics – crazy ex-girlfriend cast


(verse 1)
my son, my beautiful child
you’ve brought me joy, you’ve made me smile
but now that you’re grown and you’re a man
why are you still here? i don’t understand

(chorus 1)
it’s time to get your -ss out of my house
i don’t care where you go
i just want you to know
you’ve got to get your -ss out of my house
why do you still live with me?

year after year
you’re always here
so let me be clear
i want you to disappear
just in case you had any doubt
it’s time to get your -ss out

(spoken interlude)
okay, i get it. i should have packed up the closet. you’re right. you’re totally right. you don’t have to keep singing

(verse 2)
my son, perhaps that was mean
but i think you should know how frustrated i’ve been
that dad and i can’t have s-x as loud as we want
so follow along with this highlighted font

(chorus 2)
and please just get your -ss out of my house
’cause i’m not in the mood
to keep on buying your food
good god, just get your -ss out of my house
my church friends think it’s a shame
they say my son is so lame

what’s up with the random rowboats?

you can sleep in the park
you can sleep on a bus
you can live anywhere
as long as it’s not with us
thanks to your feet, this house smells like sauerkraut
so my dear child, get your -ss out

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