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gone (full song) lyrics – yrn_jdp



lost in the valley of hope, he tries to get out but the rope wouldn’t hold. he’s on his last breathe now, hope he don’t choke. the slit on his leg and the one on his throat. he cannot make it now it’s hopeless. he is a useless as an animal with no legs

he tries to get out but the rope wouldn’t hold. he’s on his last breath now, hope he don’t choke
the slit on his leg and also a slit on his wrist. once he got out, he knew he couldn’t resist. the painful thoughts always were inside him. he also knew he couldn’t hide them. it was okay for him though

he claimed this world this world wasn’t for him. he claimed that the others on this earth provided a different sin. he claimed that this horror was something called h-ll. something he couldn’t distinguish, something he can’t tell. he’s nervous. nervous for the future

now tell me why he was feelin this way, i don’t understand why he cannot live a day? the pain and agony is just growing worse. he is cursed. trapped. he has lost his mind now and he knows this won’t work. he picks up his bag and he goes on the road. waiting for someone to approach…

gone. lost along. his journey left him lone. all gone. they was all gone. the thoughts in his head had left him? nah, those were the lies he’d always tell. i can always tell these ways he felt

trying to hide what is inside his heart. all of his thoughts are tearing him apart

he likes to lay alone in the dark. n-body loves him. everyone hates him

he wants to leave but he doesn’t. he tells himself the pain will go away but it never does

this little boy is the one who helps when n-body else will. even though everyone hates him

he doesn’t hate anyone. he cares what they think. they control him, they’re manipulative

all alone in this well hated, overrated, well sophisticated environment. he quits

he is now alone…down below

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