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great elephant lyrics – mc ren


[intro: mc ren]
[mc-ren’s footsteps shaking the ground like an elephant]

[elephant roars]

[verse 1: mc ren]
i’m the original, one that n-gg-z be bitin’
but fools wanna meet it, exactly what they did it
i been wreckin’ sh-t ‘fore thousand b.c.
back in the days, n-gg- on your t.v.
back when my n-gg- king-t was the coolest
when fifteen eighty still had that mack attack
it was just head fool bustin’ on the west
i was just like the pinky, now the sh-t is stinky
the great elephant is what they call me around the way
cause i be stoppin’ mothaf-ckers all day
uhh, king of the jungle, listen to my roar
i be wreckin’ sh-t, keepin’ hoochies on the floor
they be gettin’ hot, but i don’t give a d-mn
i be caressin’ the mic when i hit jams
makin’ in morning chrome till i’m throu
cause i’m gonna make it real funky for you
uhh, the walking black gaint, with the desert eagle
but how many n-gg-z can i fit in my regal
n-gg-z can’t get me in my place to live
because of all the funky–ss-sh-t that i give
i got hypocrite-n-gg-z-balls hangin’ in the back
no more think i’m hick, go and make it kinda quick
cause i’m on a mission and they know i’m comin’
every time they hear i’m comin’ was all fools they start runnin’
fifty thousand troops lookin’ like the middle east
the sh-t i have to do, just to get a little peace
cause busters, they wanna be chillin’
with that n-gg- that be callin’ the villain
can’t be hate them, as i direct my boogie ain’t water down
my boogie be thumpin’ and hittin’ fools way across town
planners ridicuble, n-gg-z stay cool
comin’ up with fat sh-t sittin’ on fro-stool
as i think into my self by i never talk back
as i walk to the shack “to the shack”
everyday that i’m livin’ n-gg-z be trippin’
cause all the funky sh-t that i be givin’
it’s like yeah i’m still here, still at the game
i’m makin’ that funky sh-t cause ain’t nothin’ change
n-gg-z they wanna know what’s up, i’m still chillin’
yeah i’m still the villain, yeah i’m maybe killin’
i carry my big stick, walk down the block
roll through compton with my n-gg- rocc
mc-ren the mad scientist bustin’ tight–ss-raps “why”
cause the n-gg- gotta make snaps
there’s too many clowns up on the jew paps
too many itty-bitties occupyin’ the rap city
so i’ma call don corleone with bad news
and make n-gg- enough of that they can’t refuse
so hold your breath whenever i’ll bust a verse
and hold on tight cause it get much worse
i set boogie traps where ever that i kick it
but you can’t come and kick it cause n-gg-z might stick it
ain’t no warning down n-gg-z on these streets
and ain’t no warning down rhymes with these beats
a mad scientist straight outta c.p.t
that don’t give a f-ck if he can’t m.c…

[outro: mc-ren talking]
yeah, yeah
[elephant roars]

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