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hand of glory lyrics – lamp of thoth


a palm of vengeance – a hand of doom
a bony finger – point’s to your most secret room
an ivory key – and past we go
resist me not – my dear fellow

a talisman of power
a path straight to your heart
where i shall devour,
that which you’ve kept apart,
and all your secrets, will be laid bare
your darkest thoughts at which i’ll stare
with the hand of glory!

a stroll through your house,
in the dead of night
a great man helpless
prostrate under a hand of fright
your woman lies dead
your house is torn
and so i bid you adieu,
and leave you so forlorn.

i greet your dancing demons – with a curt h-llo
and readily ignore them – and invisible now i go
all’s fair in love and war
and sorcery
and so now i proceed
to take your soul away from thee

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