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hollow lyrics – justin stone


tell me why i’m hollow
tell me why i’m empty yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah [x4]

all my friends go and get lit
remember when yall gave me sh-t
now i’m the one that they want
look up my man this is it
always thank god
cause he gave me this gift
been a minute since we last spoke
girls tell me i’m an -sshole
fell in love didn’t last tho

ain’t it ironic i can’t fall in love
y’all looking stupid abusing those drugs
im feeling worthless right right when i bust
y’all think i sold out cause i finally cussed

you cannot judge me
that is not your place
that’s not your place

look at me right in my face

this is my story
this is my page
chapter is hollow
let’s hope it can change

tell me why i’m hollow
tell me why am empty ya ya

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