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house of chaos (333 s. henderson) lyrics – ghost mice


in april, i moved into the house on henderson
i felt alive again, it was good to be back with my best friend
and we were gonna steal things, we were gonna break things
we would learn to make things
yeah, we were gonna take back the things we lost
yeah, we were gonna take back the things we lost

there was the devil chain that danzig told sam how to make
and she nearly k!lled a cop
so we through it in the attic and the door was locked
there were those shiny plates
that would hit the street and sing and break
and the cops were called and the cops would come
and we would always run, run, run, run, run
and we would always run, run, run, run, run

we had to pay our rent but we weren’t gonna work for it
no, we think of other ways
we’d steal something new every day
one time our phone was ringing
and sam smashed it into pieces
when i found her and asked her why
she said because it rings all the time
it rings, rings, rings all the time

one night am sam came in
and i ask her where you been
she had duct tape all over her head
and a gory poster in her hands
she said “i joined the army, i’ve been given the pro-lifers sh-t”
she said i’ve been up all morning and i really need to take a nap
so she took a nap

these days and all these broken things
they were true, so true, so true
for everything we broke, we filled our hearts with hope
and we learned to make a lot of new things too
like mistakes, like mixtapes
like vegan chocolate cakes
like seven inch records and silk screens
like record labels and zines and dreams
and the fire in the kitchen made it black and awful
but we just painted it all grey
and we ate the falafel that sam made
yeah, we ate the falafel that same made

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