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i only ever loved your ghost lyrics – jens kuross


take these scars, have your fun
either way love gets a bullet for her gun
just like eclipses love the sun
left unexposed
i only ever loved your ghost

gentle words, sad recluse
forceful hearts tied like a train to its caboose
just like a hangman ties his noose
love juxtaposed
i only ever loved your ghost

tried so hard, what remains?
keep my letters, keep my books, forget my names
i’ll keep your pictures in their frames
you loved them most
i only ever loved your ghost

one more time, here we go
i can’t face the face i asked you not to show
it’s best for lovers not to know
than sadly boast-t’s always better loving ghosts
walking mile after mile
chasing romance, should’ve settled for a smile
these dreams were just too big so i’ll propose a toast
to ever only loving ghosts

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