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i’ll take your man lyrics – city girls


[intro: j.t.]
it’s the city girls, and you know we’ll out f-ck you
so get out my face, before i touch you
ho, don’t you know? can’t you understand?
if you f-ck with me, i’ll take your man

[chorus: yung miami]
b-tch, you know i’ll take your man, ho, don’t play with me
oh that’s your man?
(i’ll take your man), now he mines
haha, yeah, ho (j.t.)

[verse 1: j.t.]
let me tell you ’bout this hater from around my hood
kept trying a b-tch like my p-ssy ain’t good
see this b-tch ain’t like me and i don’t know why
but i’ma give her a reason when i take her guy
you don’t want smoke, baby, please believe me
’cause i’m that b-tch and your n-gg- looking easy
touch me, taste me, f-ck me, squeeze me
once he do that, he’ll never leave me
f-ck you and the rest of your crew
’cause i’ll take your n-gg- and i’ll keep mine too
if you wanna fight i’m with that too
b-tch, i’m from the hood, lace up your shoes
b-tch, you too slow, can’t keep up, i took him, you see us
p-ssy whipped, he too stuck, you lost him, that’s your luck
so the next time you decide to start some sh-t
old broke down, jealous b-tch

[chorus: yung miami]
(i’ll take your man)
d-mn right, sh-t, you know i will
b-tch, that’ll be my man
(i’ll take your man)
that’s my d-ck, haha
dead -ss though, yeah

[verse 2: yung miami]
when i walked in the door, i been felt the tension
the n-gg-s with the sweating and the hoes with the whispering
that’s yung miami and she signed to qc
how the f-ck she got a deal, and she been rapping ’bout a week? uh
she probably suck p d-ck, or let coach f-ck, nah ho i’m a g b-tch
straight from out the bottom
and i’ll beat a b-tch -ss if a ho got a problem
p-ssy ho, where your man at?
so i can f-ck him in his mouth, in your house where he laying at
on instagram looking for a flaw, on or offline, p-ssy ho i’m raw
i get if from my mammy
and i know how to handle it, 305, from miami
how you mad when you had your chance?
y’all hoes better stop playing, i’ll take your man

[chorus: yung miami]
b-tch, don’t play with me
oh that’s your man? (i’ll take your man)
now he mines, haha
yeah ho
(i’ll take your man)

[outro: j.t. & yung miami]
f-ck you! f-f-ck you
f-ck you, jealous b-tch
i’ll take your man
f-ck you, that’s my d-ck

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