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in a pig lyrics – all human


forget the past as well as times,
that you were wrong.
in another life, you will make the same mistakes.
no path erased.

in the present you were learned,
thus you thought.
in another life, you could right the wrongs you’d done.
go against the odds.

and in the future, you’d forgot,
the lesson learned.
in another room, the great observer laughed at you.

grab a strong drink,
and choke it down.
there’s a martyr in your stomach now.

in this day and age your love,
is wasted thought.
and in a room of fools, the drink it helps you feel as one of them.
you’re the pig now.

and pretty pig, we’ll fat you up.
bake you on high.
in the oven you’ll feel like you haven’t died in vain

i’ll grab a strong drink,
to wash you down
there’s a murder in my stomach now.

your skin a rusty pink,
on rice of brown.
i do believe you make a grown man know his wealth

and in this day of,
deep dark thinkers,
you’re a simple man who let his mind go to waste.

don’t feel sad though.
you’re not the only one.
there’s so many pigs i cant wait to put down.

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