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intro (no more pain) lyrics – yamine


man this is yamine, isaac the rapper, i don’t give a f-ck what you call me. call me whatever bro. let’s get this on. if you think this is trash or just laugh at all during this mixtape then turn this sh-t off and keep it going. i work my -ss off for this!

let’s go! (repeat 5x)

(verse 1)
man this ain’t a mixtape
this is a diss tape
naw i’m just lying
i’m just going to get the shake
i’m not playing i’ll get my free take
meaning i don’t care what yo homies think
you can play this loud
in front of the crowd
i don’t care if you frown
you can laugh and you can brag
saying this is n-gg- is really wack
i’m not whispering
this is my flow
if you gotta problem with me
then make your own show
i’m at studio not recording at my home
i don’t want to lie, but i make my beats on my chrome
i also use a fl and that doesn’t mean sh-t
i’m not getting bank right now
i’m getting ticked
i’m going to start rapping fast
and grabbing -ss
after that i’ll give hanz his cash
i have no time for fighting
and no time for violence
i been struggling day and night
to start shining
i’m really rapping
no rhyming
once you download this
your going to start finding
i’m a man and i’m a king
i’m isaac the rapper known as yamine
those rapping days is almost done
but wait lil homie i’m done

yeah bro
yeah bro
yeah bro
yeah bro

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