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ire lyrics – sur5ill


why don’t you believe in me?
i ain’t never lied
why don’t you believe in me?
i ain’t never lied

[verse 1]:
n-gg-, inhale all the hash
and exhale that water gas
november’s when i sport a ‘stache
white folks like “let’s deport his -ss”
stop it–i am still chewing these
dumb little rappers, call them charcuterie
f-ck all your jewelry
sh-t is not moving me
f-ck do you n-gg-s know bout annuities?
i’ve been to so many countries, bro
i feel like i have immunity
beaches of europe promoting nudity
restaurants don’t even charge me gratuity
some prime minister reading my eulogy
had a great life don’t you boo boo at me
should have scientists clone my -ss
(clone my -ss) so that there’s two of me
dumb it down for the crowds?
nah smarten up—i express my wisdom
soak it up, i’m dope enough
to reach milestones on the metric system
let that sink in
you’re staring and you’re blinking
smoke coming off your head
at least it shows me that you’re thinking
yeah yeah
i am da vinci
my diet is kim chi
i’m fly like a frisbee (yeah)
got a vial of gypsy tears
fully embraced my hippie hair
meanwhile interracial marriage has
only been legal for fifty years
we ain’t whistling dixie here
i’ve been sipping on whisky, cheers

why don’t you believe in me?
why don’t you believe in me?
i ain’t never lied
i ain’t never lied
(aye) i just hit my stride
(aye) come and catch my ire

[verse 2]:
you gonna f-ck on me? mr. chow
you got a crush on me? zipper down
in total, the school cost me fifty thou
this year we’re thinking of hitting laos
never know what she’s doing back there (yeah)
meatloaf could be ruined back there (yeah)
didn’t make it to the bruins last year (yeah)
i was busy making music last year (ooh)
​i’m trying peyote, a side of aioli
inside of a hoagie, a slice of baloney
could die today slowly
taking the throne, i’ma try to get cozy
this sh-t is a jungle
and my name ain’t mowgli
y’all sleeping on me, i’m maleficent
don’t want hip hop at their big events
i laughed cuz that kneeling sh-t gets to pence
i have been a comic sans the common sense
making commas, fans
load the contraband
got kinte cloth for the kwanzaa stans
i could’ve ended up in a condom, d-mn
then in a garbage can, which got hauled to land
fills but instead i’m in an office crammed
with a bunch of smart people whose mommas
and poppas planned
it was all by design (yeah)
i don’t believe in divine (yeah)
lucky i wanted to climb (yeah)
success is on an incline (yeah)
he call me, i will decline (no)
i shouldn’t have to remind (no)
your favorite rappers combined (yeah)
are all still light years behind (yeah)


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