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it tickles lyrics – tommy collins


now when i was a-growin’ up i was a pip
i growed me a mustache on my lip
it wasn’t very sticky, mostly fuzz
thought i’d give all the girls a buzz
i got real sweet on nellie wills
i drove that country girl back in the hills
i asked her once if i could give her a peck
if’n you can beat me to the old hay stack

well i beat her there and i hugged her tight
i turned loose all of my dynamite
i guess my kiss was pretty lush
she smiled real big and began to blush
it tickles, it tickles
i like it but it sure feels funny – it’s a ticklin’ me

oh i got me a name in the neighbourhood
the girls all liked it, i knew they would
i let it grow for a month or two
just to see what i could do
there was a girl named f-nny smith
told me she didn’t like to kiss
i caught her off guard and i didn’t miss
i didn’t know it’d feel like this

well her eyes bugged out
her face turned white
she hugged me up with all her might
i swear it took her breath away
she giggled and i heard her say
it tickles, it tickles
you sure are a lot of fun – it’s a ticklin’ me

well i guess i pert’near run ’em wild
they all went crazy over my style
they said i was the best around
the kissinest man they’d ever found
the good ol’ days are here again
i used to do it and i still can
said a widder that i know
i guess you’ll never get too old

well i guess i got that ol’ know-how
you ought to see me in action now
my kiss has still got that ol’ sting
the widder says i ain’t lost a thing
it tickles, it tickles
i feel just like i’m young again – it’s a ticklin’ me

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