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it’s on lyrics – state property


bare witness to the greatest, can’t beat us, join us
keep heaters on us, wit red lasers
now fair warnin’, sure shots won’t graze ya
we hug corners, play blocks like gators

with bundles on us, serve tray’s like waiters
it’s the life we chose to hustle
can’t stop it, can’t knock it
half the profit get flown out vegas

me and my n-gg-z try an’ break tables
stack chips like connect four
while you pr-cks try and whip try and stretch more
charge less for, that ain’t the program

get ya lessons from the snow man
like pillsbury i get the doe man
i’ll off ya head for a slice of bread
i keep my word and i’m true to my peeps

give me a bird and my crew gon’ eat
i’m over the stove like cuban links
breakin’ down cash money like baby do
you n-gg-z soft like baby food

’round the world n-gg-z pay me dues
while you n-gg-z sing
the same old song like sadies do
grown man n-gg-, baby who?

i’ll send you shots from the baby zoo
old game like grady fool
propane flow flame you dudes
no name’s don’t claim ya shoes

once again it’s on n-gg-, sigel hard like corn liquor
i’ll take you out this world like you was born n-gg-
b-tt naked covered in blood, gaspin’ for air
clingin’ for dear life, n-gg- you dead right

since you was a baby coward
we been sprinklin’ the world with baby powder
so fresh and so clean
been an outcast since i was a teen

but i outlast ‘cuz i out blast anybody you bring
young, you got it the prophet i told y’all n-gg-z
then i showed y’all n-gg-z, you can’t knock it
don’t get carried away, you a mute n-gg-

where was you n-gg-?
i was doin’ this here like mary j
like every day, and was true n-gg-
they can’t question what we do jigga

once again it’s on, young run through you n-gg-z
like a glitch in the computer n-gg-
i’m the sh-t, i’m a sewer n-gg-
this is jay everyday, no days off, ferris bueler n-gg-

b-sig’ fred kruger n-gg-z nightmare [incomprehensible] n-gg-
you scared, ‘cuz i grew with jigga
he said “sig’ you that n-gg-” couldn’t see his vision
but then he drew the picture, like a compository sketch

yeah, sig’ stay honest, i’ll deposit you a check
there’s a secret society, all we ask is trust
no g money sh-t all we got is us
true indeed, yes, more better, yes
more cheddar, s.p. chain, jeans and sweaters

movies, cartoons, labels, etcetera
fill in the blanks and drop blocks like tetris or
get off the block, run south with m. betha
from my block to your block, shout out to m. extra

who the f-ck, f-ck want, want what, what
none of you n-gg-z is b-sig’ word i’m done with you n-gg-z

once again it’s on, f-ck it we ain’t through wit n-gg-z
twin towers here to ruin n-gg-z
you couldn’t break up the towers with tomjanovich
or osama bombin’ sh-t

we slay n-gg-z wit k’s, we the drama men
get it right young scr-p don’t even try it boy, boy
you rather slide down the razor blade slidin’ board
i’m a live wire, hoolahoop barb wire

run through h-ll with gasoline draws on
you can’t mute me, put the pause on
my guns shoot like fast-foward’s on
and dress cute when the war’s off

what you doin’ dawg, you playin’ wit it
you make your bed right you layin’ in it
you keep your share tight, you stayin’ in it
you bringin’ n-gg-z where your kids sleep

i sing to n-gg-z while the kids sleep rock-a-bye m-th-f-cka
i hope you high m-th-f-cka, ready to die m-th-f-cka
who shot ya? separate the weak from state prop’ the
kids who squash beef and run them streets

once again it’s on n-gg-, bring the drama to ya lawn n-gg-
tell ya mama ’bout pa, get ready to mourn sista, it’s a
see what you got here’s a full blown twister
you nothin’ but hot air, it’s not fair

the reason why we lead the pack, this is a marathon
you start off fast then you weezin’ in the back
so even if i slack, i got enough lee-way
to put out the reason by the mac, philadelphia freeway

and i’m back, without leavin’ i’m here, but you can’t see him
i gave you the blueprint but you can’t be him
so no matter what you been told or the records you sold
deep inside you know that it’s only one hove

young vito, voice of the young people
if my life is a movie then sigel be the sequel
we bring it to your door with bleek peekin’ through your peek hole
and don’t get scared n-gg-, alert ya people

once again it’s on

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