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jermaine o’neal lyrics – yamine


my favorite basketball player of all time jermaine o’neal(hit it)
dunk the ball
block the shot… yeah…
that’s jermaine o’neal
90 overall shoot the ball………yeah..
that’s jermaine o’neal
i’m doing this because that’s jermaine o’neal
do that jermaine o’neal(yeah)
that jermaine o’neal
do that jermaine o’neal (yeah)
that jermaine o’neal
(verse 1: yamine)
big boy top ride that’s what we say (hey)
please tell jermaine o’neal i said hey
i went to the game and saw him play
i was like man for sure this was a day
27-0 that’s how i roll
i’ve been messin’ with that pacer since 04
the sports broadcasters said that was a show
and i said no here he go he ride solo
(verse 2: bj rhymes)
look at jermaine o’neal he retired
he ain’t got no rings but he can beat bryant
he be high up in the air block the shot he so defiant
i look up to this n-gg- like the us army
shooting shots scoring buckets i’m so corny
(bj rhymes)
bj to bj to pj to pj
jermaine o’neal setting records like a dj
and all these haters with these shakers come to me full of craters
came to thought the other night the pacers beat the lakers
(bj rhymes)
that’s such a tragedy
i’ve been betting games and making millions all magically
all these hoes love me like they love the lottery
need to use the restroom is their a potty?

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