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killer g’s lyrics – dayton family


yeah, the dayton family in this b-tch for the 9-6 fool
know what i’m sayin dts
and i ain’t talkin about downtown security b-tch
dayton avenue be true n-gg-

i’m out for murder motherf-ckers get prepared to go
and when i toot i gotta shoot and leave hoes cold in snow
my whole objective in this game is kill and show no pain
get a fool for his chains
and raise more throws and blows than dana dane
i’m always strappin on the jackin for your chains i’m droolin
and checkin socks for the fat knots who the f-ck you think you foolin
runnin from the sirens, stop the violence i ain’t heard that sh-t
come in the hood, park at the club and find your ride on bricks
down where i dwell, them boys ain’t ? ? ? so motherf-ck your crew
bring weed i smoke and sell more c-ke than coca-cola do
i’m built to last, up in that -ss my crew makes all the noise
how you lookin like emmitt smith, runnin back to get your boys
its do or die and b-tch believe me i’m not tryin to go
many men have tried and failed, but those that failed can come no more
i pledge allegiance to the flag, but there ain’t no stars or stripes
just thugs, a bunch of drugs and the big thick b-tches with crack pipes
a vigilante gettin panties by some jaked up flake
to much to count, i stack amount ain’t nothin about me fake
n-body move n-body die so b-tch don’t move in inch
and i’m puttin slugs in any b-tch that i even think might of flinched
its time to bail, my since of smell is what cocaine intices
bail with joe ? staley? tried to ban me cause of high yea yo prices
and on that note, i quote i’m deep and i’ll stick yo mama up
he got ten g’s and an eigth in the safe, n-gg-s you know what’s up
? ? fools arousin for them thousands and that yea yo stash
drunk off that whiskey f-ck john ? cisk? , i’m fittin to rob his -ss
when sh-t gets tight, like barry white i practice what i preach
little shorties wanna be down like brandy when they hear me speak
the b double o-t-l-e-g-t-h-e-r-a-p

chorus: repeat 4x

d-o-to the p-e-d-a-y-t-o-n-a-v-e a killa
(g, d-a-y-t-o-n killa)
f-l-i-n-t don’t wanna see another killer g
(g’s, these are motherf-ckin killas)

he’s a killa off dayton avenue, he’s quick to point that glock at you
i catch you and i dead you, i got you if i shot at you
runnin for your life again, a victim of a homicide
i’m down for pumpin your chest, open your chest real f-ckin wide
you f-ckin with a murderer, caddie coup burglar
sweep you off your dana’s, when you see me i’l be serving a
ziggy zag, 44 mag f-ckin public enemy
shakin and bakin and takin yo sh-t
beatin your p-ssy and wreckin yo sh-t
sendin you b-tches up on yo way, that’s the way face the ray
diggen them as they body lay, pickin them with this oozie spray
gats and glocks, moeny and rocks you best to believe i gets the loot
f-ckin you in your booty hole, punk cause you’s a rudy poo
i empty this clip, so don’t you slip, f-ck around and trip
three killas in the hood, got yo goods, pilled yo cap and dip
gotta ? ? on my way on this set is like initiation
my posse pack more pumps than a motherf-ckin gas station
better watch that yea that you’ve been boomon in this dry town
kickin down yo door b-tch and you b-tches best to lie down
a skitzofranic that’s makin you panic when i pull this gage
i do more licks and throw more kicks, than johnny cage
i’m f-ckin what you been talkin, you’ve been walkin
stalkin like a hawk and
trigger be triggin when i click it cause my pain ain’t stickin
its do or die we multiply on the for reala
but ask yo motherf-ckin mother he’s a motherf-ckin killa


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