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lost what you had lyrics – john mcvie


(lola thomas)
well, the word was out about
some new face in town
i heard it didn’t take you long to
take her on down
stealing what you want with both hands
breaking those hearts of gold into sand
well ah, the pain from desire
burned your hands playing with fire
you can’t go back, cause it’s all gone bad
you got what you wanted, baby
but you lost what you had
you covered me in kisses, the left me in lies
fooled me with tears that fell from empty eyes
afraid friends would say you’re losing your touch
afraid of ever needing anybody too much
repeat chorus
love can be such a dangerous game
ah, the foolish things that lovers do
so now you wake up in your empty rooms
crying baby, baby, what am i to do?
well, that was then, and this is now
and words can’t change what’s happened anyhow
the truth’s come home with amazing grace
all the pieces have now fallen into place
repeat chorus
bye bye baby, bye bye
cry cry baby, cry cry

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