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music lyrics – fiyablasta


i love music and i use it
to express my feelings and fuse it
with hard punchlines and choruses
cause we go back like dinosaurs and yes
i love music and i use it
to escape problems or get moving
with the flyest beats and lyrics, too
for the mind and soul or bust a groove

verse 1:
been smitten with flipping them rhythms in writtens for years
feeling the crowd when they cheer, getting the pounds from my peers
clearly, i’ve been bred for the stage; check my pedigree
both families had gigs for days; i better be gifted!
(huzzah!) like the talent was an heirloom
and i treasured that, so i had a carried tune
in school and church and musicals and all that varied use
prepared a dude to make every show meet their doom
(cause i kilt them!) i got away scot free
the second illest rapping singer in the shawnee
that motivation from my rival beckoned the arrival
of the abstract king t-tle
if he’s g’hod of rap, i got to body that
and challenging myself made me the hard to follow act
cause i’m ready for the encore
and with the high it gives, i want more


verse 2:
through the ages, my taste just
expanded yet tailored to certain flavors
my palette as tot included pop, rock, and hip hop
r&b, jazz, gospel; it didn’t stop
had a stint with drum n b-ss and now i’m onto animes i
their osts, though i don’t know their speech
but it’s orchestral to edm
and got my heart pumping to each bpm
though my love of rap grew stronger still
a fan of those showing their sk!lls with a bit of m-ss appeal
there’s a spectrum of the joy that i get from every single selection
so you get some every time i try to highlight tight findings on hi-fi systems
otherwise, i got headphones and a ditty to press play
my oasis makes a wonderwall, so nothing can stress me

if you feeling like i’m feeling
put your hands up to the ceiling
like yeah!
if you find your music’s healing
an escape from all your demons
say yeah!
got the throwbacks
yeah, you know that
hip hop hooray
join my fanning
over jamming
tell the dj

chorus x2


like go dj, go dj, go!
(go dj, go dj, go!)
say alright, alright, alright, alright, alright!
(alright, alright, alright, alright, alright!)
go whoo whoo! (whoo whoo!)
say get on down! (get on down!)
now anybody, (anybody)
everybody, (everybody)

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