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new lyrics – lil flamingo

i give a f-ck about a hater.. my diamonds they wet like a skater
i f-ck that b-tch i won’t date her.. (2)
new whip. bad b-tch
new crib.. new sh-t
new whip.. bad b-tch
new crib.. new sh-t

stupid b-tch wanna you know i’m ballin hard
got my 2 cell phones.. i get cheese provolone
tell that b-tch leave me alone
yeah i’m feeling in my zone
dumb b-tch wanna talk .. i got cat in my walk (ouuu)
and i look so good.. all these b-tches wanna stalk
i got pink hair.. like a m-th-f-cking chalk
yeah aye.. i’m running str8 up in gucci yeah
i’m spending money in lui.. ya
im bout to shoot me a movie
romar yeah.. shoot these vids.. now they cl-ssic (ouuu)
run up on me its fantastic.. ya .. i got my money yeah
i stretch that b-tch like elastic.. i get the money(ya)
run on me got my 30.. not plastic.. (ouuu)
you a dummy..
yeah i’m running to the cheese.. ya stupid b-tch wanna swallow me
i got money i got rings.. i got 3.. i got 3 f-cking hoes to suck on me (yaaaa)


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