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nobody does me lyrics – diane schuur


it took me some time
to recognize the feelin?
but i know tonight i don? t need no clue
cause your on my mind from morning thru
n-body does me like you do.

i chased after dreams that never came to nothin
tried being free but the nights were so blue
it easy to see that i? m lost without your lovin?
n-body loves me like you do.

mr. moonlight shine your light on down
spread those tender feeling all around
every moment i spend by your side
love begins to make me crazy one more time.

i? ve made up my mind
got myself together
just say you? ll be mine
and we? ll stick like glue
i got this feelin? and it? s true
baby n-body does me like you do

rock me easy, when the day is done
wrap me in your p-ssion all night long
every moment i spend my your side
love begins to make me crazy one more time.

your might light till the end
around every bend we? ll be shining through
you make me feel so brand new
baby, n-body does me
n-body love me sugar
n-body does me like you do.
like you dooooo

uhhhh, ohhhh baby?
ohhhh baby baby

hum. what a feelin?
oh, just a rockin? and reelin?
kinda dig the feelin?

weeeesweet sweet sweet baby.

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