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not97 skit lyrics – sean price

[sean price impersonating funkmaster flex]
it’s your boy, you already know what time it is
yo, i’ma keep it 100 tonight
man matter of fact i’ma keep it 1000, i like that number
you know what i’m saying?
i’m hip to what’s going on fam
i ain’t no old n-gg- that don’t be knowing what’s going on fam
you know what i mean?, dru ha and y’all n-gg-s
your website is trash fam
n-body wanna buy sean price hats fam
you feel me?
matter of fact hold me..let me get my record right
before i, you know what i mean? before i
hold up, hold on
you know what i’m saying?
i’ma keep it so real with y’all tonight
i’ma keep it 1000 fam, i love that number
i’m telling you man, dru ha, buckshot
your website is trash
n-body wanna buy sean price hoodies
you know what i’m sayin’?
you sold the sean price hoodies and then you wanna copy my sh-t
come on fam, y’all n-gg-s is trash
your website is trash
your paypal account is trash fam
i seen you when you hit me with a text
you was like, “yo this is dru”
first of all you called me like eight times private
i already knew that was you fam
and then you text me, “this is dru”
d-r-u, with big letters
come on first of all, i ain’t..
why you had to, why you had to text me with big letters?
come on man i’m not like that i already know what that mean
if you throw subliminals at me i will destroy you fam

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