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october lyrics – rothstein


i i i i
i wouldn’t trade
this for your ardor cause i am no martyr and
i’m not ashamed
daye daye daye daye
i wouldn’t blame
you if you leave it and if you retreated
i’d love you the same
shordy you valid, smoking on salad
writing you ballads
losing my balance, cleasing my palate
goofy and gallant
i want a coupe with the wings on it
wrapped around your finger and
i want to buy you a ring for it
all i can hear is the rainforest
falling falling rain, when you’re far away
i’m one call away, call you call you names
i won’t stop you now, i won’t tie you down
i don’t gotchu now

you were right, yeah you were right
you and i were never, true and i’ve been
lying to you, but you see through it
but you won’t leave me, cause you can’t prove it
day dreaming that you’re in my bed
i’ll miss your comfort
i think i’ll always wonder

aye aye aye aye
i won’t complain
i will be decent though it will be freezing
i welcome the rain
die die die die
die with my name
wi nothing to prove you if i should lose you
it won’t be in vain

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