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own my own lyrics – jt kidd

everything i have i got it on my own
it’s cause i put in work all night long
you never answer when i call
don’t try to call when i’m in my zone
everything i have i got it on my own
it’s cause i put in work all night long
i should’ve never been left all alone
cause now i think it’s time to bring that rari home

[verse 1]
i step on stage and the people scream
man, it’s so crazy you would think it was a dream (yeah)
you would think it’s something you only see on the screen (on the screen)
it was just me, but it’s like i had a 100 teams
everyone is turning up, we all going insane (yeah)
hands in the air, and they’re all chanting my name
this is something i never imagined in my head
i get no sleep, please tell me what is a bed? (what is it?)
if sleep is the devil, well i guess i am a saint (i guess i am)
i guess you’re mad because i’m everything you ain’t
i know you’re mad i can do what you can’t
broke boys tend to be mad when they don’t have money in the bank (in the bank)
or money in they tank (in they tank)
and apparently it’s real funny, they think
that they are on my level, but they must not know
that i was meant for the gold


[verse 2]
all my life i did it on my own
achieved more than these infant adults who claim they grown (yeah)
working so much, i barely know my home (yeah)
you got a bed, so why you sleeping on my songs?
my life changed so fast, it’s like magic
and there’s so much more down the road just imagine
i had to do it all, because it was all on me
imma be the greatest, you all gone see
why you mad you can’t get a call from me?
do responsibilities fall on you? no, they fall on me (yeah)
imma win without the smile or being 6 foot 3 (yeah)
or the beautiful voice or being a kiss u-p (yeah)
one day, imma be the man (yeah)
n-body else will understand (no)
because i did it on my own (yeah)
own my own, but never alone

bring that rari home
bring that rari ho-oo-ome
on my own
on my own
on my own
on my own
i did it on my own
i’m doing it on my own
i’ll do it on my own
on my own
on my own

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