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queen of ny lyrics – quay dash

i come thru in a vintage outfit
makeup and hair done – jeans and blouse sh-t
correct a chick if she try and doubt sh-t
im a homewrecker i’ll f-ck your spouse b-tch
gag him real good with the strap and the pistol
turn his -ss over ima see what that whip do
ain’t too worried bout what them b-lls and that d-ck do
got this n-gg- hard like a #2 pencil
im into
making n-gg-s beg for the coochie
eat my -ss good buy me gifts outta gucci
let a b-tch smoke – buy me 50 cent loosies
and i ain’t never talkin to a n-gg- in a hooptie
unless he
looking real s-xy
feeling on my tuck saying that he wanna bless me
sorry little daddy but your car looking sketchy
cough up all your fund so i can shop with my bestie
hit up 5th ave
bentley coupes and fendi bags
get all dressed wait for the cab
now im feelin sick
got a tight jean on the hip
heading to the scene on the dip
now they taking pics
all up in my face im p-ssed
50$ each for a flick
blow the cam a kiss
on the dancefloor in the mix
if you the host then put me on your list


these hoes can’t compete cause im fly
mad as f-ck everytime i walk by
but they can’t f-ck with the q-u-a-y
d-a-s-h queen of ny (2x)

n-gg- f-ck the predicament
i’m the reason you moving all of your ligaments
if you not feeling my flows – my rhythms then –
why you boppin’ ya head with all ya n-gg-s then?
i know u dig my style my flow
rapping ill bars thats the way sh-t go
repping bx and f-ck 5-0
i need a bout a brick of that paccino
cause im ready to sell it
making yall n-gg-s jealous
ain’t no sh-t you can tell us
rolling l’s with the fellas (huh?)
who you lovin who you wanna be huggin?
saying that she was your wifey but she really your cousin
yall n-gg-s bugging and yall on that sh-t
so put the pipe down take a drink and sip
i gotta go now will you please don’t trip?
and 123 get up off them d-cks!

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