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steal your heart lyrics – justin stone


[verse 1: justin stone]

she a baddie from cal poly
from the south side of l.a
she should come up to the hills
she told me i’m a player
nah i just can’t catch the feels
but this lifestyle i got handed
wasn’t sh-t before the deals
‘fore the buzz
before the money
when the world
didn’t know my name
used to get shut down by women
why else would i be this way
used to be a role model
now they tell me that i changed
how the h-ll am i supposed to
find myself inside this place
cause what i want is something
that keeps me awake at night
i wanna feel your lips
when i turn down
the bedroom lights
i wanna show you something
you ain’t ever seen
give me one night baby girl
trust me that is all i’ll need, yeah
[hook: glenn tra]

so i’m stealin’ your heart tonight
take my hand and stay by my side
this stories written for you and i
up in the skies above the sky
yeah i’m stealin’ your heart tonight
you cannot run, you cannot hide
this stories written for you and i
up in the skies above the sky, like
oh, oh, oh
girl i’m stealin’ your heart tonight
i’m stealin’ your heart tonight

[verse 2: justin stone]

i fall in love with women
i ain’t never met
ain’t it crazy how a little fame
can get them on your d-ck
that’s just sick, y’all are fake
i think y’all deserve my 2 cents
i’ve been actin’ savage, sorry mama
i’ve just been a nuisance
i’ve been thinking ’bout my life
and how this road is so short
i’ve been all up in my feelings
but i can’t control yours
i was looking for some love
until i found his old shorts
in the bottom of your laundry
honestly that sh-t hurts
onto better things now
life is nice out on the road
different girl, a different city
start to fill up in my phone
yeah she told come through
whenever i come home
like the winters in ohio
i’ve been feeling so cold
but this girl i want so bad
is next to me, take a breath
i want you so bad
that i start to need you less
you start to feel my stress
as i take another step
closer to your body
take my hand girl
lets get away


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