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stop the hate lyrics – mario william vitale

bruh, i know your up but it’s getting late
i got to make peace with you
hommie i have bitten off more then i could chew
i’m sweating from the new day’s sun
now i know your in for a bit of fun
you got your trash barrels over by a racc–n
now go clean up your room
but i need to return to the basics & keep it real
many dismiss this thought as no big deal
we got hustlers on the street selling crack
working so hard today can give you a heart attack
yet my chief aim is to hold my head up high to the sky
got many thoughts & a dozen of pots in my sink
can’t even dismiss this earthly bliss in a time well spent in thought
the shadows outside block my inner pain
not having love in my heart is driving me insane
who said that life was fair when your driving in the fast lane
not sense lois lane & clark kent made a dent
stop all this hate that going around
so we got trump comb over in his ivory tower
blind eyes of bats and wheels that squeal
got junk in your trunk saying no big deal
i’m going to keep it real start honoring your mother and father
i know what your saying why even bother
it’s good to stay in school & obey the golden rule
many hustlers are in jail cause they all seem to fail
by pool sticking & kicking it where their nose don’t belong
like rodney king said can’t we all just get along
got reverend al & jessie jackson always looking for some action
return to your first love before its to late call this fate
merciful one come take this chip off my shoulder
stop this senseless fighting as are nation grows a bit colder
just be happy for who you are in the inside
instead we choose to hide behind a plate of gl-ss
smoking your gr-ss no one in this life gets by on a free p-ss
systems blasting & the radio’s on
it’s never too late to hear the end of this song
got beggars crying & i’m not lying
get fish to eat but i’m not frying
stop listening to h-lls lies cause you know satan is lying

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