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strong lyrics – annabel fay

[verse 1]
the day is here that i’ve been waiting for
now i know whats worth fighting for
no more thinking if its right or wrong
i’ll just do what i’ve been dreaming of

cause when your down
you will find out that your on your own
yes your all alone
im on my way
im moving on and i’ve got to be strong
only i can make my day

[verse 2]
i’ll have it all, when tomorrow comes
i’ve had my share now its my acore
i’m first in line to have what’s mine
it is straight ahead and i wont close my eyes yeah


[verse 3]
i have to walk this road alone
i’ve got this second chance and im carrying on
it’s great to know your watching over me
but i have to make this on my own
thats the only way


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