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temple run lyrics – london jae


london jae don’t hold back on these n-gg-s
hood rich b-tch
take off on these n-gg-s
ayy big what’s popping bro
nephew’s birthday today

[verse 1]
all that playing go get you killed n-gg-
got a potato on that nine f-ck around and get pilled n-gg-
i don’t really know about y’all but i’m on
light switch, and to these hoes i’m big dog
and i ball like this rest in peace quick nick i miss ya
these n-gg-s acting like they so official when i know they unofficial artificial -ss
n-gg- wanna play with me
when i see em in the street they ain’t got sh-t to say to me
six shots a new revolver like the cater b
and ima serve a n-gg- -ss like a waiter b
i’m london jae let’s get the business straight
p-ssy n-gg- acting like he ain’t heard of me
that’s your b-tch lil n-gg- i talk crazy cause i’m rich lil n-gg-
i walk crazy check ma hip lil n-gg-
they f-ing ain’t have me [?] peel a n-gg- potato like a chip
200 for a line got the syrup when you have an accountant baby you gotta make them strips
i ain’t having no kinda neighbors to send over the tip
d-mn they got themself some flip flop
this some king sh-t i mean this
boy coming home that’s why i dream it
forty for the line i swear i’m phening
and i don’t trust a f-cking soul i got ma reason
and ima do whatever there to get a knock up on a milli
got em talking on ma back these n-gg-s know i’m finna kill it
with a n-gg- in the city i ain’t going back and forth with y’all monkey -ss b-tches all
for real
i used to think about a lot a sh-t
now i think it all
sound crazy don’t it
but it’s real
[verse 2]
money over b-tches all i do is chase the riches
and all you do is make excuses
sitting low on that new sh-t so exclusive
black and white panamera looking like a painted bell
mula the mall swinging like a hammer nail
and i’m like oh lord oh lord
please don’t shoot this n-gg- boy you know they got them camera’s out here
cannon full of ammo i swear camo full of money i swear
this ain’t like a mof-cka i don’t know a mof-cka badder
n-gg- just don’t get the wrong idea
[?] gotta make it ma business to get ma cake up
cruising around the city like i’m the mayor
i’m a head coach n-gg- you a player
running through the city with the slab
hard armando stones in my [?]
james bond cologne on my style
she gon f-ck a n-gg- on the first night i ain’t lying
picture me losing picture the coupe with no roof i be cruising
picture your b-tch in the p-ssenger seat of my sh-t
she gon ride like a holocaust sub on the d-ck she the sh-t
don’t know why you so upset
playing get one on the chest
spraying the [?] no roof in the summer no sweat
i’m coming this summer i’m next
i’m running though hunnid and fifties and twenties
you p-ssed you can’t live like how i’m living
i’m winning i’m winning i’m winning i’m winning
i’m winning i’m winning i’m winning i’m winning
i’m winning i’m winning i’m winning i’m winning

dj swampizzle , dj scream
you welcome
london jae, better late than never

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