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tennessee lyrics – jimmy martin


you have heard and read about the state of tennessee
down in the southern states is where i want to be
where the valleys are so green and the mountains are so
you will know just what i mean when you hear them say

tennessee (tennessee)
i hear you calling me (i hear you calling me)
the home of davey crockett in the hills of tennessee.

when i was a little boy around the folks back home
my mother always said to me jimmy, please don’t roam
now that i have gone away my heart is full of woe
when i think of mom and dad that’s where i want to go

if ever i get back to that state of tennessee
i tell you there’ll be no more roaming for me
there lives a sweetheart who said she’d marry me
as soon as i get back to that state of tennessee

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