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the gift lyrics – elena siegman


[verse 1]
up in the sky down wind another light goes dim
an i know its him
reigning like a storm again
deep inside of me, light of my life
find my shadow wandering in my mind
now all the threads will unwind
when all the stars are aligned
and i need time to break all the mirrors
but my mind is in pieces and not ready to make it clearer
upon a time, down in a little room made just for me
i heard them whispering my name
and taking you away

pain isn’t the only gift i’ll give you slowly
but i’ll give it wholly and solely to you
[verse 2]
i’ve come to find mind and matter wandering without time
then all the flowers combined
with all the souls that went blind to see again
time to make it all clearer
and if time never ceases, i’ll be ready to break the mirror
drawn in a line, sharp edges in the dark made just for me
i hear them waking the profane
and slithering in pain
and withering away

death isn’t the only gift i’ve given you slowly
but ill give it solely and only to you

[verse 3]
i glow in moonlight
you fall like rain (you fall like rain)
we’ll take the ever-after and turn it into pain
your pain is the one thing that i feel inside me
that i have been hiding inside me for you
your death is the singing that i hear when i’m dreaming
and the bell i’ll be ringing when i sing for you

pain isn’t the only gift ill give you slowly
but ill give it wholly and solely to you

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