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the mission lyrics – steve green


here’s a call going out across the land in every nation
a call to all who swear allegiance to the cross of christ
a call to true humility,to live our lives responsibly.
to deepen our devotion to the cross at any price.

let us then be sober moving only in the spirit
as aliens and strangers in a hostile foreign land
the message we’re proclaiming is repentance and forgiveness.
the offer of salvation to the dying race of man.

to love the lord our god,is the heartbeat of our mission.
the spring from which our service overflows.
across the street or around the world.
the mission’s still the same.
proclaim and live the truth
in jesus name!

as a candle is consumed
by the p-ssion of the flame
spilling light unsparingly
throughout the darkened room.
let us burn to know him deeper
then our service flaming bright.
will radiate his p-ssions and blaze with holy light

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