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the old fat robin lyrics – lambchop

the old fat robin sticks his beak into the ground
with the brain the size of an eraser
kitty runs by causes the robin, she does floppin’
soon another one lands there to replace her

hear the tweeting and your sinuses
count the pluses and the minuses
turn frustration into sadness
say goodbye to major badness

a strong gust of wind blows upside my balding head
makes my b-lls shiver
makes a lump in my hoaky bed?
except for a squirtle and some gasoline
completely distracted by the american dream


and though i may be wrong
we’re so glad you came along

superstar in france (f. m. cornog)
you’re a superstar in france
and you’ve got everything i want
you’ve got all those quirky girls
i was born to change the station

chorus: pretty soon the dream is over

you’re a superstar in france
and i was born to take vacations
don’t you ever want to die
don’t you think we should be together

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