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thru it all lyrics – yeroc


[verse x2]
man i done been thru it all !!!
people pray for me to fall !!!
takin drugs i do it all !!!
sippin lean hope i don’t fall !

these n-gg-s scared to rob me !!!
cause it can turn to a hommy !!!
i rock this vest on my body !!!
rock it right over the tommy

i put the chain on my b-tch
grill in my mouth make me a talk with a lisp

n-gg- can’t buy all this drip
born with this sh-t like a slave i got whips

i just go hard with this sh-t
to be hones man i’d die for this sh-t

catch me a play and it’s lit
jugg and finnese ,am i stay in the mix

i put my heart and my soul
ooo man this world is so cold
new money becoming so old
leave all this drip on the flo

i do the dash on the regular
i hit ya girl on her cellular
i always press decline
get off the phone man you wasting my time

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