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too many women lyrics – zachary richard

i tell you that i like it just as much as i used to,
but it seems like lately i? ve been staying confused,
i fell like i? m surrounded and i don? t know what to do.
just to many women, too many women in the room.

too much, not enough.

too much party, i? m not getting enough sleep.
too much pressure, i? m not getting enough relief.
i? m drowning in a sea of love that? s getting to deep.
too much honey and not enough bee.

too much, not enough.

i call my family doctor and i said i? m feeling ill,
come on over, doctor, and won? t you bring me some pills.
but when he made out my prescription, this is what he said:
? you? ll never get no better with all these women in your bed.?

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