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transcending sentinels lyrics – solitude aeturnus


[i. descent of the angels]
[ii. prologue to the end]
we’ve been here through the all the circles
and lived with the godless tyranny
one day all of you shall be perfect
and understand this is to be
he has determined the future
all that was shall come to p-ss
revel in the unseen forces
that bring his wisdom to the vast
listen to the voice of the teacher
the peace and comfort that he brings
love can save the world from it’s destruction
pray that this shall come to be
days will come of tribulation many men will die
now that the lord of hosts is on the horizon
and with it brings the promises of plight
the earth will soon be shaken
as the day becomes the night
foretold we’ve come together as one
to prepare our children once again
those who have chosen not to follow
are d-mned to live it to the end

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