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un/conscious lyrics – maclin


if you lived on a cloud would you ever come down?
if you learned you could fly would you ever decline?
i’m like – why?
imma live my life on high
imma be up in the sky
say that twice
imma live my life on high
imma go past that sky
or at least i’ll try
doing more than just getting by
momma no need for you to cry
cuz i know i’m the best
looking up, hunting success
feeling one hunned on all those test
never ever feel that stress
hands in the middle of my chest
working don’t need that rest
guess where i am – in the east or the west?
hah, nah, cuz i’m way up north
three coasts? nah, i’m chilling here on the 4th
and i’m cutting that green drinking beer on the porch
thinking about the days when i’m steering porsche
no red lights on cuz i’m clear with the force
and i made it my way didn’t veer at the fork
yeah my rear view steady
put the pedal to the metal
brought sand to my beach and my petals to the meadow
had a dinner with the devil
d-mn, she a rebel
by the end of the night pull her strings like geppetto
when the yellow dress falls make her sing falsetto
now her legs like jell-o
smoke a j like leno
gimme head on the bed till i get so mellow
playing songs from my demo
call her friend like h-llo
you should get your -ss in the car come play with us
got a week on the isle come stay with us
two’s fun but you could come lay with us
sippin chandon all f-cking day with us


i’ve been chosen i know it
imma be the next great american poet
making waves in the ocean
not surfing i’m floating
ah – not a chance you didn’t notice
imma profit, got options
make a dollar being conscious
like my mind got optics
stop it
let me bring it back to the topic
nah f-ck it imma keep on talking
me and my girl went to college
had a nice time we were all in
then i got a job and the walls started falling
i’m sorry baby girl i forgot a bout calling
i’m out in la and i’ve been str8 ballin
took a couple pictures
then you started acting different
one word texts now how could i miss it?
it’s clear that were getting so near to the finish
but just for a minute imma take it to beginning
like on day one when we both started kicking
yeah i overheard your words
said you need a good d-cking
ha that’s funny well..
i could use a little licking
so i went to the club
a place that i really don’t love
met you at the bar with a hug
one shot and a chug
dancing on the floor and you gave me a rub
but we didn’t quite click
i was going to the right you were left with the hips
i try to say by and you went for the kiss
and i know you’re my girl but it’s not like this
from that day on it was me and my b-tch
yeah, yeaaah
i was good to ya
i was faithful and i laid that wood for ya
i was straight from the cuff
i was honest
if i said it imma do it that’s a promise
but i don’t think you get me
girl i got plans till i’m 50
yours are the reason that were splitting
we only stayed together cuz you loved the way i hit it
you know i’m a dog with the bone just digging
scoring put you all up on the boards, lifted with the tip in
pressures on me yeah i gotta go get it
you were queen for a bit
don’t forget

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