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untouchables lyrics – k.a.a.n.


[intro: the untouchables]
al capone: what?

henchman: they got the shipment

al capone: what?

henchman: they got the whole shipment

al capone: i want you to get this f-ck where he breathes!
i want you to find this nancy-boy eliot ness!
i want him dead! i want his family dead!
i want his house burnt to the ground!
i wanna go there in the middle of the night i wanna p-ss on his ashes!

[verse 1]
i’ve been yelling f-ck it from the top of my lungs
this sh-t r-t-rded
it’s dumber than dumb and dumber
you dumb it down, n-gg- never
my destination is clear, don’t need a gps
they keep one eye on a n-gg- like cbs
pay attention ’cause the sh-t that i do
quit the subduing, the duels to the death
you definitely done
i’m dope as they come
a kamikaze causing harm to anybody in my radius
a dime-a-dozen these n-gg-s coming, i’m like an alien
remind me cousin, why is you bugging? my sh-t is better than
my lines are bussing, b-mping, and busting out of the seams again
i sit in silence, spitting a psalm of the same predicament
my pen’s a f-cking problem, i promise you i can stop this sh-t
i aim at partnership, paint a picture of the apocalypse
the post-dramatic sh-t that you win, as though you can feel it b-tch
i’m on some manic sh-t, barely managing, where your manners is
while you was panicking, i was planting this panoramic sh-t
i tend to k!ll this sh-t like i do, true
who the f-ck been telling people that i was through, who?
guess i gotta show you n-gg-s what i can do, cool
i already did some sh-t you wouldn’t believe, please
i done been in buildings where people are building my business
yeah i had some meetings with people that speak on the music
with that i came away from the b-ss, and i’m better than ever
i bet i can beat it, you better believe it
the breath of the air that you needed
the piece of these people’s opinions, that’s pretty pitiful
archaic, the way that you do this sh-t, prototypical
i’m caught in this sh-t like a scene, you provide the visuals
if you wanted a piece of the pie, then you better get it
but i forewarned you n-gg-s this sh-t could get pretty deep
i’m a wolf to a sheep, no shepherd
to the light that could lead, let me help it
n-gg- please you ain’t close to my level
i must
show my sk!ll again, ritamin with the p-ssion
like gilligan off on ritalin, running around on the island
spitting my most-est, i’m more or less out of it
they call a doctor, quit vomiting
why the paramedics take me off of your ottoman
intolerance, my tolerance hollerin hallelujah
my mind is moving as wavey as waves out of honolulu
these n-gg-s selling their souls to do cover arts in a tutu
nope, no, that’s not true
that’s hap, if you knew
the whole truth, what you do, what they do, i doubt that
i fell down, and got up, corrected my posture
imposters that pop up, we feast on like pasta
the king like mufasa, smell down like a rasta
my home like rwanda, mi casa su casa (yeah)
my comments might contradict
i used to love her like common did
all of this dope sh-t i commandeer
right like some 88 counter sh-t
well you didn’t catch that like broken condoms
i got a great idea, i let you hear that sh-t, long as you promise to hear me out
take your mind, n-gg- free that sh-t
what’s your dream, n-gg- live that sh-t
k!ll the scene, leave no witnesses
reign supreme like a king and sh-t
knowledge, n-gg-

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