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we got game lyrics – the radio dept.


there’s a choice to be made
we never used to blindly disobey
now make some noise, never fade
retrace the steps of millions before us

what is fixed to get ahead
it’s not an even game if you can’t win
they don’t care, never did
if we want it we will have to take it from the overfed
we got game
we were put to shame
i declined
so we came to speak our mind

and what else
what else
what else could we do?
jump cause [?]

you keep talking middle ground
so sick of hearing about that middle ground
there’s a st-tch you can’t unbound
there’s just no other middle to be found

like with this bunch of racist loons
the kind of guys who would not like to [?]
if in power one was [?]
everyone i love would be jailed within the hour

we got game
we were put to shame
i declined
so we have changed our minds

and now what
now what
now what will they do?
jump cause [?]

let it be
swat team

idle thief
paris grave
singing this song will chase the clouds away
i believe what you say
because i wanna have to believe that way

is it true
because gunshots says its true?
well it is true
[?] instrument

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